Bill Ferriera

William C. Ferriera, President
Apricot Producers of California

Bill Ferriera, a grower at heart and a Californian by nature, has always had a knack for the agriculture business. After attending the Fresno State University and then receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree from Stanislaus State University, Turlock, Bill went on to work for the California Canning Peach Association as Director of Field Services.

After nine years, Ferriera accepted the position of District Manager for Blue Anchor, Inc., where he worked for four years. He then became a field buyer for J.M. Smucker Company. It was then that he shifted gears and began looking at the agriculture business from the processor’s point of view.

Bill has been the President of the Apricot Producers for 27 years. Bill spends his days overseeing apricot production through all ends of the spectrum—from managing the negotiations between growers, processors and buyers, to tracking deliveries of apricots from the growers to the consumers. He also represents and testifies on behalf of apricot growers on political issues, USDA purchases, and labor and environmental issues. In addition to all of this, Bill continues to wage a full-scale marketing campaign for the Apricot Producers and has made a personal commitment to building awareness of the benefits of eating apricots. Recently the USDA tapped Bill to join other agriculture leaders in a forum discussion to look at how to better improve the USDA commodity system.

His professional memberships include: American Commodity Distribution Association (former member of Board of Directors), National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, and National Committee of Cooperative Agricultural Bargaining (member of Board of Directors). He also represents the Apricot Producers as Board member of the Agricultural Council of California.

Bill lives with his wife, Connie, in Turlock, California.