About Us

Welcome to the Apricot Producers of California. We represent a relatively small, but sturdy group of third-, fourth- and fifth-generation growers of California’s finest apricots. Like you, we know that whether fresh, frozen, canned or dried, apricots are a nutrient-dense fruit with a tartly-sweet flavor that appeals to “kids” of all ages!

Our brief harvest takes place in June most years, with the fresh season lasting only weeks. Please enjoy the bounty of our annual summer’s harvest fresh, when available, but know that our freezing, canning and drying processes lock in those summer flavors and nutrients at their peak so you and others can enjoy these power-packed fruits year-round.

One of our goals is to connect children to agriculture and to the specialty fruits, including apricots, that are grown here in California. To this end, we want to do everything we can to support schools in their mission to serve kids more fruits and vegetables, we’ve put together a special section just for school foodservice directors, school nutritionists, and menu planners. The growers of California apricots have children and grandchildren and, yes, even great-grandchildren in public schools and they are personally committed to providing a healthy and nutritious product for all kids!

And, of course, our site will remain true to its core mission—to provide you with the best information on California’s refreshingly sweet and nutritious apricots. We invite you to discover apricots’ rich heritage and powerful nutritional punch, and to try some of our favorite recipes.

Thank you for coming to our site and enjoy!

Bill Ferriera
President of the Apricot Producers of California