11 Best-Ever Apricot Desserts

Apricot, Almond and Brown Butter Tart © Tina Rupp

By F&W Editors

Celebrate apricot season by making it the star of a dessert. Here are 11 of F&W’s greatest apricot dessert recipes ever.

1. Apricot Pâte de Fruit
In France, pâtes de fruits are sold in high-end pâtisseries or pastry shops. The French roll them in sanding sugar, which has large crystals that cling to the candy without melting. Table sugar also works, as long as the jellies are rolled in it just before serving.

2. Walnut Cake with Apricot Preserves
This lovely, light cake has just four ingredients and is filled with apricot preserves.

3. Apricot Soup
Serve this refreshing soup with a side of pistachio biscotti.

4. Apricot Pavlova with Chamomile Cream
Pastry pro Johnny Iuzzini roasts sweet apricots and honey with fiery Thai chiles for an Asian-inflected version of the Pavlova, the Australian classic. Chamomile whipped cream and crunchy, minty meringue cool things down deliciously.

5. Lemon Pudding Cakes with Apricot Sauce
The unusual thing about these lemony cakes is that while they are baking, the batter splits, creating a creamy, pudding-like top and soufflé-like bottom.

6. Apricot-Walnut Oat Cookies
These delicious gluten-free oat cookies are full of dried apricots and chopped walnuts. They’re mildly sweet, incredibly soft and chewy throughout, and crispy on the outside.

7. Apricot, Almond and Brown Butter Tart
This dried-apricot tart is crispy and tender, tangy and sweet all at the same time. The recipe also works with fresh apricots; just omit the poaching step.

8. Honey-Caramelized Apricots
In this dish, star chef Tony Maws simply broils beautiful apricots with a little honey and puts a scoop of ice cream on the plate, which makes a sauce for the fruit as it melts.

9. Peach-Apricot Cobbler with Almond Ice Milk
The almond ice milk is an ingenious, French-inflected replacement for the vanilla ice cream Americans more typically have with peach desserts.